Development School


From October 11th to 17th, a group of FRIENDS-teachers (SASHA, LESHА, and TANYA) will conduct a web application development school in the village of KATON-KARAGAY. Its result will be a prototype of a real application, very similar to the ones YOU USE ON THE INTERNET.
Come if you want to participate in creating this prototype and learn more about application development.

  • During the classes, you will
    learn how web applications are created;
    come up with one or more ideas of your own;
    design a layout on paper and master the tools for developing the external and internal parts of the website;
    create a full-fledged prototype.
  • Who will be teaching
    A team of enthusiastic teachers who have successfully built their careers in IT:
    5 years in the field
    10+ projects
    and still a burning passion for application development.
  • To apply
    Don't worry if you have no programming experience; the desire to try and learn is what matters. You should also be between 14 and 17 years old, but if you're a bit older or younger, come anyway—we'll figure something out.
    Participation in the school is free.

Teacher Team


Experience and Skills
I have about 5 years of experience in IT in various positions, from a tester to a product manager (the one who comes up with how a new feature in an app will bring in lots of money).

In my free time
I love dancing and social projects, so in my free time, I dance in high heels and create new projects that solve people's problems.

I run Kruzhok.DEV because
I was born in a small village and never thought I would end up where I am now. I want to show you that with the right courage and perseverance, you can master any skill, including app development.


Experience and Skills
I've been working for over 5 years as a full-stack engineer at a large international bank. I code in Kotlin and NodeJS, juggle frameworks, and skillfully avoid technical debt.

In my free time
I ride motorcycles, go paragliding, do eyebrows on Thursdays, and type away at the keyboard every day.

I run Kruzhok.DEV because
I believe that programming is one of the essential skills everyone should have in the 21st century. That's why I can't miss the opportunity to share the knowledge I have.


Experience and Skills
I've been working as a Frontend Developer at JetBrains for almost five years and have been a mentor for two internships.

In my free time
I love learning, watching movies, and traveling. Sometimes I get caught up in Minecraft too.

I run Kruzhok.DEV because
I really love programming and would like to show how interesting it can be. I also believe that this school will give young people the opportunity to try out a modern and trendy profession and may even inspire some to join the IT field.


[ Opening ] 11.10
The school's opening will begin with introductions. We will explain why we are here and start playing "real business" - how to come up with ideas for applications? How to determine if someone will buy our application? How to choose the most effective options?

Finally, we will divide into workshops (we'll explain later) for frontend development (the visible part of the website), backend development (the backend of the website), and testing.

[ Main program ] 12.10 - 17.10
Each workshop will be assigned tasks to complete their part of the project. Each morning, there will be a general briefing for all workshops, followed by individual briefings within each workshop.

We will follow this plan:
  1. We will provide you with theory.
  2. We will give you a practical development task for our application.
  3. We will all work together to solve any challenges.
[ Closing of the School ] 17.10
As is customary in any serious business, we will conduct a Demo with a presentation of the results, where we will honestly discuss the challenges, what worked, and what didn't.

Next, we will have a RETRO - a session where we summarize and reflect on what was great and what could have been even better.

And here it is, the farewell - it's time to say goodbye.
But the good news is that our networking (connections) will remain with you forever!

You can't leave IT; you can only enter it :)

Liked everything but scared to sign up?
That's okay; we're scared too.
We're with you and waiting for you. Such an opportunity comes only once.
Ask a question, don't hesitate.
Alex Pshe
Sasha will always respond
Telegram: alexpshe